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Welcome to my blog. I pray you find encouragement from it.

I am a wife to one wonderful husband, and a mom to four terrific kids. My children are growing up, the youngest being sixteen.  As a result, I have a little more time available.  I have been looking for a way to share some things I have learned about life and family living as well as develop my writing skills (something I’ve wanted to improve for a long time!) .   So – Voila! – my blog.

The information I share is not really mine.  It is a compilation of the many, many books I’ve read over the years on parenting and homemaking, ideas I have gleaned from listening to others who have gone before me, and Biblical principles that are timeless and enduring. The blog posts cover a range of topics including homeschooling, parenting, marriage, and, of course, motherhood.

Being a wife and a mother can be challenging, but they are the highest of callings!  And so rewarding!  If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, please make yourself a cup of tea and sit down here with me for just a minute.  My prayer is that you will walk away refreshed!




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