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Thumbprints and Homeschooling

What the heck do thumbprints have to do with homeschooling?

Well, think about what you know about thumbprints. They are unique to everyone; no two people have the same thumbprint. My thumbprint is different from my mother’s thumbprint. My child’s thumbprint is different from my thumbprint. Even identical twins have unique thumbprints. Like snowflakes, God has made each of us unique with both a unique thumbprint and unique purpose.

Your homeschool is like your thumbprint. It is unique; there are no two homeschools that are the same. Your homeschool is a conglomeration of your personality, your spouse’s personality, your children’s personalities, your faith, and the specific plans God has for you. Two families can be using the same curriculum, have the same theological beliefs, be of similar family structures and similar personality temperaments, yet their schools will still function very differently.

This “uniqueness” is important to remember when interacting with other homeschooling families. You see, there is a game we homeschoolers play when we are out and about with other homeschoolers. It’s called, “Let’s Secretly Compare”. And while learning from others can be a good thing, comparing yourself to others can be harmful.

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